This wedge bites
Rounds are full of surprises

Be prepared. The new Callaway JAWS MD5 Raw Wedges give you the most aggressive groove in golf. But they also give you a range of grind options and lofts between 50 and 62 degrees. You can play a full wedge set with a raw finish, sharper grooves, and even more bite.

Making solid contact is easier when you play the right grind for you. Callaway has added a new T-grind, especially to provide a flatter, more controlled trajectory from 50-75 yards. The grind you play depends on your swing and course conditions. Not sure which grind is right for you?

Be prepared for anything

Having this much spin at your disposal makes those tight ups and downs a lot easier. Want more spin? Let’s take a look at your wedges and setup and see how you could benefit from one of the JAWS Wedges.